True Wireless Speakers Explained

Do you know the real difference between bluetooth and True Wireless?
Though most wireless connections use bluetooth, not all connections are True Wireless.  

What is True Wireless Technology?

In the world of mobile audio products, Wireless accessories such as wireless earbuds and Bluetooth speakers have become extremely popular. So, what does it mean when devices are now claiming to be True Wireless?  

Wireless accessories consist of items that do not require a physical cable/connection to interact with a media source device by using Bluetooth or alternate ways of establishing wireless connections. These products may still rely on physical cables if an item has multiple parts that function together, for instance the earbuds within wireless headsets.

True Wireless accessories remove all physical cables/connections and rely completely on Bluetooth connections using the new Qualcomm True Wireless chipsets to allow the True Wireless accessory to function and connect to the media source device as well as a paired earbud or speaker 100% wirelessly. True Wireless also delivers the Left and Right audio channels to your receiving device separately assigning the left channel to one earbud/speaker and the right channel to the other.

True Wireless devices mainly consist of individual wireless accessories that are capable of pairing with another wireless device including True Wireless Earbuds and Wireless Speakers.

Benefits of True Wireless Technology

  • Easy and simple to setup
  • Enjoy up to 75% more battery life
  • Convenient, cable-free functionality
  • High quality stereo sound
  • Audio with immersive L and R channel

How True Wireless Technology Works?

So now you get the basic understanding of how True Wireless provides an enhanced audio experience, further convenience of eliminating bulky cables and extends the battery life of your audio device, but how does it work? True Wireless technology exists within Qualcomm microchips within your True Wireless earbuds and speakers that control the wireless connection between your audio playback device (earbuds or speakers) and your media source (phone, computer, TV, etc) through a Bluetooth connection. The process of how your True Wireless device connects to your media source depends on which generation of True Wireless your product contains. There are currently 2 generations of True Wireless technology. The first generation is known as “True Wireless” and the second generation is called “True Wireless Plus”, but both generations are currently referenced as “True Wireless” so be sure to inquire which generation your product is prior to purchasing.

True Wireless (Gen. 1)

True Wireless uses a single earbud/speaker to create a primary connection to the media source and then connects the secondary earbud/speaker to the first to create a True Wireless stereo connection. Information including L and R channels is then sent through the primary connection using device 1 and then the L channel is forwarded through the secondary connection to device 2. This gives you the immersive True Wireless stereo sound.

True Wireless Plus (Gen. 2)

True Wireless Plus creates a connection between both earbuds/speakers first. This allows the media source to make a connection to both earbuds/speakers simultaneously. The updated chip within the earbuds/speakers then allow the media source to send the L and R channels independently to the L and R earbuds/speakers. This prevents strain on a single earbud/speaker extending battery life, improving the connection strength and allowing for a more crisp, clear audio experience. Not to mention a much easier way to connect devices.

True Wireless Accessories

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