ITSKINS offers a fill line of certified recycled phone cases designed to offer extreme drop protection while looking good!
Quality. Protection. Innovation 

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Quality. Protection. Innovation 


We had to start ITSKINS. At the time, the phone case market was saturated with over-priced cases that had only a logo or a paint job to tell them apart.

And what did those cases offer? Not much. They made your phone thicker. If you dropped your phone from waist height it might survive. But there was no way you could be sure.

This kind of mess is always an opportunity. Our founders, Chris and Amelie, spotted it immediately. Being Born in Chamonix, France, Chris was an accomplished competitive skier. It was obvious to him that the extreme sports market wasn’t being served by phone case manufacturers. The demands athletes and enthusiasts would put on any case were too much of a challenge.

But Chris and Amelie knew that any case that could meet the demands of an extreme sports enthusiast, or even go beyond them, would do even better in the streets.

To make cases that would meet the performance requirements they knew were necessary, they needed their own designers, their own engineers, and their own factory fitted out with leading-edge manufacturing technology that could handle complex designs and novel materials.

This was the only way they could rapidly iterate through the countless design/build/test cycles to create cases that looked distinctive and also passed the rigorous testing to meet their high standards.

They were protecting flagship smartphones under extreme conditions. Their cases had to perform.

And they did. They hit the market offering proven protection that surpassed military standards.

They’re now everywhere extreme sports are practised. In the snow, the dirt tracks, on the sides of mountains and free-falling through 12,000 feet of empty space.

Founded in France, ITSKINS has now grown into a global company with a team of 250 spread across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Our product range continues to grow and as it grows it gets better. More focused, more protective.

ITSKINS' Philosophy

It’s like this. We’ve got a competitive streak a mile wide. When we realized how bad the phone case market was, what a joke “protective” phone cases were, we couldn’t stop ourselves. We had to start a company, set up an entire factory, employ a couple of hundred people around the world and convince them the three most important words in any language anywhere are:

Quality. Protection. Innovation.

They define our ethos. What’s that? ITSKINS soul, shining through clear as day in what we do and how we do it.

Those three words define what smartphone cases have been missing.

Those words are our shared obsession. We pursue them without compromise.

Copiers are going to copy. So we keep moving forward, generating new ideas, innovating like crazy, popping out cases other manufacturers can’t match, can’t even imagine. Cases they don’t have the technology to even build.

Our ethos comes with an aesthetic. Because quality encompasses visuals, too. And because looks matter, even when protection comes first.

Our cases’ good looks grow out of their protective form and features. They don’t need logos or graphics. They’re confident in their protection and impressive in their presentation. The only spotlight they’re after is when you drop them.

The clatter of a smartphone hitting rocks, ice or a hard floor can make everyone watching wince and groan.

We’re changing that. It only takes an international team numbering in the hundreds, a dedicated factory with cutting-edge equipment, and a philosophy built around those three words.

Quality. Protection. Innovation.

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