The iDECT brand is a symbol of innovation and design which offers a full range of communication products that seek to demonstrate the innovation of the brand with aesthetically pleasing and full of great features. 

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iDECT is a fiercely innovative brand by Binatone, a world leader in the communication industry. iDECT consistently thinks out of the box to bring new perspectives on what are often perceived to be basic, utilitarian products.


iDECT has reputation for always delivering the very latest innovations in telephony. In fact, ever since they launched the first Android Home Phone, iDECT has focused on being the leader in this segment by introducing ever smarter and faster home phones using the latest Android operating systems.


iDECT believes that utility devices don’t have to be dull and functional, and the company has been demonstrating the truth of that belief by creating exciting designs for premium phones for decades. Since introducing the ground-breaking X1, iDECT has launched more phone designs than any other brands.

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